Delivering a project and presenting to a multi-level audience

How to deliver the project ?

Delivering the project is one of the most important phases.Once the project is all ready bundling all the requirements together, now is the time to deliver the project.Delivering the project is the last phase which requires more energy and resources.In this phase, you will execute the improvement or change that has been defined in the Project requirements document.Delivery involves coordinating people and resources, as well as integrating and performing the activities of the project in accordance with the Project Plan.(“Delivering a Project”,2012, para 1)

The project delivery should be continuously monitored and controlled, including reviewing the progress against plan and regular assessment of risks and issues. This is done in order to identify potential problems in a timely manner so that the right actions are taken in time and when necessary to ensure the delivery of the project is on time and budget.(“Delivering a Project”,2012, para 3)

It is very important to  ensure that the Project Sponsor and other stakeholders are always kept informed of the project’s progress . The Project sponsor and the other important stakeholders should be alerted about any significant risks or issues encountered in the project. This can be achieved by implementing a system of regular progress reporting. This will help to provide assurance that the project is on track to deliver against its objectives(“Delivering a Project”,2012, para 4)

Your ultimate goal in delivering a project is to finish on time, under budget and with a happy customer. Here are some tips to accomplish it.

  • Have the control of the project from the beginning
  • Keep the stakeholders informed
  • Periodical monitoring of the progress of the project
  • Timely meetings to discuss the project

projectPlanning (1)

Presenting to a multi-level audience

Once the project is finished and is delivered, there is one important task i.e., presenting it to the multiple audience and multi-level audience. If the project is targeted to audience from different culture, regions and languages , it has to be carefully drafted from the beginning to meet the needs of them. The documentation is part of every project delivery. When there are multiple audience like i mentioned above it is important to deliver the documentation in multiple languages as required and this has to made clear in the beginning of the project i.e., during the project requirement specification.

Usually the project delivery includes the presentation at the end and it is important to crack it well . There could be different kind of people attending the presentation for example – Company CEO , Chief Stakeholders , Technology consultants , testers, developers etc i.e., various audience and it is important to present it in way that is easily perceived by everyone. This can be achieved with brainstorming on the important things only and not going so much into detail.

So brainstorming about all the details mentioned above before the presentation helps it easy to present it to multiple and multi-level audience.


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