5 Technical Skills that employers want and 5 Soft Skills that you must posses to be on top !!


Every company has a technical focus and will need to hire someone according to the gaps it has. Know what type of job you want to get into and focus on becoming an expert in that area. While there are many current skills you’ll want to have a grasp of, your main focus should be on one or two marketable ones. You won’t want to limit yourself, but you also won’t want to spread yourself so thin you aren’t truly an expert in any one thing.(Evans,2014, para 2)

The technical expertise you have play an important role in landing you into your dream company. The following are the important technical skills any employee should have in order to get a  job in IT industry currently.

1. Cloud computing

Every thing is on cloud now and every company is moving out to cloud today.Cloud computing promises new career opportunities for IT professionals. In many cases, existing core skill sets transfer directly to cloud technologies. Companies are looking to hire someone who already has some significant knowledge about cloud technologies so that it is easy for them to deploy employees on projects quickly.

2. Big Data

With the popularity of cloud computing and a growing amount of saved information, big data will be huge. More than 90 percent of the world’s data has been created in the past two years alone. This means that we’re producing more data in one day than the combined amount collected over the past several centuries which means that having this skill will definitely be advantageous to an IT employee to get a job easily.(Evans,2014, para 4)

3. User Experience

In this aspect of IT, understanding the consumer is as important as knowing how to create or improve sophisticated interfaces. Many companies are putting a heavy emphasis on improving the user experience and branding of their websites and apps. Onward Search recently used Recruitics technology to find the three largest UX jobs — UX Designer (26 percent), Interaction Designer (24 percent) and Visual Designer (23 percent).The artistic and personal nature of the UX professional’s skills aren’t something often found among IT professionals, making it an area of technology in which a firm grasp of layout and design is important. Improving your understanding of marketing and graphic design will be a huge asset if you’re interested in this career path.(Evans,2014, para 10)

4. Ruby / Ruby on Rails

After existing for 20 years as a general purpose programming language, Ruby got a huge bump from the advent of Ruby on Rails, the hyper-popular Web development framework. Since the rise of Rails, the two have practically become synonymous, but Ruby has plenty of applications as a general scripting language.According to one estimate, over 600,00 websites are now running on Ruby on Rails, threatening Java’s dominance. Today many of the cloud Saas products are developed using ruby on rails. So having this skill on your résumé is a great plus. (Kasson,2014, para 6).

5. Python

Python is a general purpose programming language that can be used in a variety of ways and its syntax allows programmers to express concepts in fewer lines of code than would be possible in languages such as C++ or Java. Known for its clean and efficient code, Python is used by players as notable as Google and NASA. It’s also what Dropbox is written in.

5 TOP REASONS WHY NEW HIRES FAIL !! (Neill,2014, para 2)

The following are the top 5 areas of failure, matched with the percentage of respondents.

  1. Coachability (26%): The ability to accept and implement feedback from bosses, colleagues, customers and others.
  2. Emotional Intelligence (23%): The ability to understand and manage one’s own emotions, and accurately assess others’ emotions.
  3. Motivation (17%): Sufficient drive to achieve one’s full potential and excel on the job.
  4. Temperament (15%): Attitude and personality suited to the particular job and work environment.
  5. Technical Competence (11%): Functional or technical skills required to do the job.

From the above research it can be concluded that 81 percent of times new hires fail because they lack soft-skills !!

soft skill



The ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, is essential, no matter what job you have or industry you work in. You will need to be able to communicate effectively with employees, managers, and customers in-person, online, in writing and/or on the phone. This is a must soft skill you should have to get into any job !! (Doyle , 2014, para 6).

When companies hire for leadership roles they seek employees who can successfully interact with employees, colleagues, clients and others. Leadership is a valuable skill to bring to the employer.(Doyle , 2014, para 8).

3.Positive Attitude
Attitude might not be everything, but it’s extremely valuable. Employers want employees who are positive, even in stressful and challenging circumstances. They want to hire applicants with a “can do” attitude, who are flexible, dedicated and who are willing to contribute extra, if necessary, to get the job done.(Doyle , 2014, para 13).

Regardless of the job, employers want to hire people who are team players who are cooperative and work well with others. They don’t want employees who are difficult to work with. When you are interviewing be sure to share examples of how you worked well on a team.(Doyle , 2014, para 12).

5.Conflict Resolution

The ability to persuade, negotiate and resolve conflicts is crucial if you plan to move up and to survive in a company. You need to have the skill to develop mutually beneficial relationships in the organization so you can influence and persuade people. You need to be able to negotiate win-win solutions to serve the best interests of the company and the individuals involved. (Buhl,2014, para 8).

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