Social Media and Branding


To me ” Branding” is something which defines you and makes you different from others .Brand is what you are known for. What is it that comes into your mind when you think of Nike ? – ” Just do it ” and their logo with a tick mark. This is how your brand should define you . When someone talks about you or thinks about you – what is it that makes you special and stand different from others.

Brand for an individual is as important as it is to any enterprise or organisation.Logos for an enterprise or organisation is crucial for communicating with their customers and potential clients.A good logo, if designed effectively, can bring to people’s mind the unique selling proposition of an organization which inevitably promotes the company on a sub-conscious level. Same is the case for the individuals.(Pfister,2014, para 2)

Personal Branding is merely a way of selling yourself and social media has given us various platforms to do that. You have to build your brand over the time to represent what you are to this society.



This is an example of how a Red-bull company has extended its brand promise of extreme energy into the new frontiers by doing this act –

Red Bull Stratos was a space diving project involving Austrian sky diver Felix Baumgartner on 14 October 2012. When Felix Baumgartner successfully completed the first supersonic free fall from space to earth, his Red Bull sponsor benefited tenfold. With no paid media coverage on the event, its YouTube video still reached over 34 million views in less than a year. Building on this success, Fast Company reported recently that Red Bull intends to make more money out of content than it does out of energy drinks in the next five years. By producing on-brand content that is relevant to its customers, Red Bull has been able to extend its brand promise of Extreme energy into new frontiers. Essentially, technology is allowing Red Bull to own—rather than rent—its communications media.(“Red Bull Stratos” , 2014)


My personal brand is born on social media .I build my brand consciously and consistently so that i can use it to accomplish my goals, both personally and professionally.

personal  branding

I follow these tips to make sure i build my brand the way i want it to be and have been successful in doing it so far.(Joseph,2014,para 10-15)

1. Snap pictures with care. A picture is worth a thousand words, and nothing is truer on social media. Your pictures say volumes about your personal brand, so look closely before you upload. Keep drinks out of view and be careful about certain social situations (if you know what I mean), especially if you are trying to present a more professional personal brand. Pictures of family members and pets can certainly enhance your brand, but only when done appropriately.

2. Make sure you read twice before you post something. Every post you write contributes to people’s perceptions of your personal brand. Always post carefully,  knowing that others are reading word for word, and never write in haste. Always edit your purposefully chosen words, and read through your post twice before posting it.

3. Engage, Engage, Engage.On top of getting your content online, remember to keep checking back to it when it’s up there. Don’t just leave it there to fend for itself, communicate with feedback; positive or negative, and remember that the online world is a conversation, not just a one sided dialogue. When you communicate with your audience, it gets them excited about your brand. The audience wants to know that there is actually someone behind these social media faces listening to what they are saying.

4.React with caution. I rarely react to others’ posts immediately, especially if there is snark involved, because I’m likely to respond emotionally. Wait a bit and think twice before you respond, even if it’s all in jest (especially if you don’t really know them). Posts are often taken out of context and can severely damage your personal brand. You never know what others will do with your response, so act without emotion.

5.Be Interesting. Like I said before, what do you have to offer that is different from other brands? Provide something unique. Be who you are, emphasize your talents and show the world why you, and your brand, are ‘the brand’ to be following.

6.Remember to be consistent. One of the most important tenants of a great brand is consistency, and it’s even more important when it’s a person. It’s something I constantly remind myself of — you should do the same.Behave consistently in social media and you will be building your personal brand in the process — post by post, picture by picture, moment-by-moment.

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