Linked Profiles – how to use them, how to market yourself and how to network


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with 300 million members connecting  to make them more productive and successful. When you join LinkedIn, you get access to people, jobs, news, updates, and insights that help you be great at what you do.Professionals at all levels—entry-level, middle management and executives—use it for networking, keeping in touch with current and former colleagues, and engaging with their broader industry. (“About us”,2013)

Some Facts !!

Around 98% of recruiters and 85% of hiring managers use LinkedIn to find candidates for the jobs. According to the Pew Research Center, LinkedIn usage is especially high among the educated , and high earners — exactly the types of people with whom you’d want to connect professionally. It is also the only social networking site Pew measured that showed higher usage among those ages 50-64 year than among those ages 18-29, which means that those with more professional experience and who are more likely to be in a position to hire are on the site.


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Nowadays, just as a resume is necessary for a job interview, a professional online presence is needed for any kind of career opportunity, whether it’s a new job, speaking engagement or collaboration. A LinkedIn profile, done right, can help ensure that the good work you do is publicly recognized and let others know how to reach you with relevant opportunities.


Always remember the following mantra “Like any other resource, the more you invest into it, the more that you get out of it,”

1. I made my profile find-able and visually appealing profile.

A professional headline with your picture and your name is what people see most often on LinkedIn, so it’s worth it to take two to three minutes to craft something appealing. Write a succinct and compelling headline, which runs right under your name and make the right use of 120 -character space.

2.I used my LinkedIn profile to showcase everything that doesn’t fit on my resume.

How many of us know that LinkedIn has changed its search algorithm ? So , take time to fill out the description areas. Don’t just list your job title but use the 2,000-character description for your overall summary; list your work and the results you got.Upload or link to examples of your work, such as YouTube videos, images, PDFs, Microsoft Word documents; fill out the Projects and Publications sections of your profile or any other additional sections, such as Courses, Certifications, Patents or Volunteering, that allow you to feature other relevant skills.

3. When you’ve got a profile you’re ready to show the world, strategically connect with others.

Connect with existing professional and personal contacts—friends, classmates, former co-workers, current co-workers and other people in your industry whom you know.Whenever you have a positive interaction with someone with whom you think it would be good to stay in touch, send him or her a LinkedIn request.

This is my personal experience i benefited from –

Recently, when i attended a conference , I met someone from the topnotch company and after our conversation i asked him if i can stay connected with him and of course the answer was yes !! After connecting , I found on his LinkedIn Profile that he is hiring  for some positions i am looking for !! Hurray !! Connecting with right people helps you grow professionally quickly .

If you receive an invitation from someone you don’t know, take a look at his or her profile. Even if they’re not a potential employer or client, maybe they work in your area or have connections that could be potential employers or clients.

4. Once you’ve got a valuable network, snoop. 

Snooping is the best way to use LinkedIn, but only after you have forged good connections.You can use LinkedIn to find former employees who could give you insight into the company’s culture or to determine which of your own friends and acquaintances know current employees.You can also use LinkedIn even if you’re not looking at a specific job by exploring specific industries or companies.Since few people check LinkedIn every day only 13% use it every day and 34% use it every week you can try to reach out to your connection via email or Facebook or another platform where they are active.

5. Stay active on the site.

It’s good to remain active even when you don’t have a grand purpose. Remind your contacts that you’re doing good work by regularly sharing links relevant to others in your industry, keeping your profile current, and updating your profile when you are hired for a new position or have another accomplishment to tout.


Now that i discussed how to build your profile and use LinkedIn the next thing i am interested in discussing is how to market yourself. Some clever ways to market yourself using Linked are :

  • Your photograph

Profiles with photos are 11 times more likely to be viewed than profiles without photos.If your Headline is doing its job but you don’t have a photo – that’s usually a deal-breaker, not cool, not clever. People will assume that your Profile is unfinished and not worth the click. Not having a photo also sends a universally understood negative message: “I don’t want you to see me”. (Foote , 2014, para 2)

  • Your Endorsement Tapestry

The next visual marketing opportunity on your Profile is your Skills & Endorsements section. It’s a big, bold, hard-to-ignore visual cue. Endorsements have divided all LinkedIn users into proponents and laggards, everyone can see where you stand.People who quickly browse your Profile will check out your Endorsements, they’ll make a snap judgement. It’s in your best professional interests to present well on Skills. There are three ways to get Endorsed: (1) ask your network for them (2) endorse others and hope they return the favor or (3) sit back and wait for your connections to recognize your professional abilities. I’m not a fan of (3). (Foote , 2014, para 4)

  • Your media

The one thing you should know is that the media you include in your profile has to have been published to the Web (it needs a URL). Where can you put these nifty media clips in your profile? They can be part of your summary, incorporated into each position listed in your experience section, and in your education section. Just look for the little blue box when you edit your profile.Also adding a video is a good idea to market yourself. This will let others know what you are capable of. Everyone may not be comfortable in front of a camera, but the video doesn’t have to be your face. It could be a “how to” video.(Shin,2014, para 5)

  • Your work samples

You may have created reports, work instructions, work flow diagrams and other content as an output of projects you worked on. While you may not be able to use the actual documents, you could create a mock up to share. You can upload and publish documents into or Slide share so you have a Web page to link to your LinkedIn profile.(Shin,2014, para 7)

  • Showcase 

Think beyond boring job duties. Instead, think about the problems you’ve solved at work. What differentiates you from the hundreds and thousands of other people who have the same job title as you? Have you given a presentation or spoken at a conference? Have you written articles? What would you want someone to find if they were searching for you on the Web? These are the images, articles and content you can create and publish yourself online. (Morgan,2013, para 4)

Please think of your LinkedIn profile as a brag book and begin collecting screen shots and links.If you don’t have anything, start CREATING THEM !!(Morgan,2013, para 5)

  • Letters of Recommendation

You have probably received letters of recommendation or testimonials from past customers. Why not create a presentation featuring these quotes? Just be sure to ask permission to use the quotes or testimonials from the people who have written them. This is a great opportunity to re-establish the connection with these people.(Morgan,2013, para 7)


Apart from everything i mentioned above , one should follow these steps to effectively network on Linked-in (“How to Network”,2013)

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